August 2, 2016

Review: Stitch Fix On Demand

It's been a crazy morning and last night, so I didn't get to post my review as soon as I would have liked but I wanted to give you a quick rundown of my first Stitch Fix Box!! Yay!!

the package.

My box came in the most adorably branded box and perfectly wrapped. On top of my five items of clothing, I received a personalized note from my stylist. And yes, it's a real person. Who actually went to look at my Pinterest board to find items I'd like.

the goodies.

I received five beautiful pieces of clothing. Two tops, a pair of pants, a dress (which I requested for my rehearsal, and a scarf. I was so excited to see they listened to my request and tried on my dress first (but forgot to take a photo with it on).

The dress was so beautiful and super well made, but unfortunately it didn't fit me. It was much too loose and the arm holes were too large for me. I definitely needed a small, instead of a medium.I probably could have gotten away with it with a belt and a sweater or jacket over it, but for $68 I wasn't justifying purchasing this one for a poor fit. RETURN.

Next was the gorgeous, leopard print scarf with peach trim. This was a beautiful thin summer scarf and was super soft! I loved it and it would look perfect with a solid tee and some jeans for a casual night out. Unfortunately, I have at least 20 scarves in my closet that I barely wear as it is. My husband would kill me if he found out I purchased another one (especially after I just purchased one from the N-Sale). Regretfully, a RETURN.

There was a pretty simple, peach/pink tank in my box as well that was kind of open at the back. It was cute, but I hated the way it hung on my body. It made me look extremely boxy, which isn't what I'm going for as a new mom. The fit of the tank was perfect otherwise, and I loved the color. it would go great with a pencil skirt or some jeans. But I had to pass on this one. I didn't love it. RETURN.

Beside the tank on my pile was the softest tee. It zippered up the back and has a burnout pattern at the bottom. I loved the long length and the higher neckline. Plus it fit me like a glove. I was going to keep this one, but with my wedding this week and the $38 price tag, I knew I had to send it back.RETURN :(

And last, but certainly not the least were my BEAUTIFUL jeans! The feminine floral print on these jeans mixed with the edgy black, white and gray color made these perfect for both the office and a night out. The fit was impeccable! They were a higher rise pair of jeans than I am used to but I actually loved it! The price tag really bothered me, at $78 which is way more than I normally spend on jeans, let alone printed jeans that I can't wear as often. Knowing I had a $20 credit for my styling fee helped me justify the ultimate $58 cost. These were definitely a KEEP.

the bottom line.

I think the biggest issue I had was around the price and the fit of my items, which was due to me indicating in my style profile I wanted loose fitting. When I really get down to it, I think I'm looking for something more fitted. All I had to do was refill out my survey, and starting cleaning up my Pinterest board (some things on there were from years ago which I don't have the same style anymore). As far as price, I let them know the prices were a bit high for me in my survey, so we will see what my next box has in store for me. I will DEFINITELY be purchasing another box, and I highly suggest any fashionista give it a try!

Also, this is NOT a sponsored post. All of the opinions in this post are my own and receive nothing in return...except your reading pleasure. :)

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