August 30, 2016

BIP Rundown & Bachelor Predictions

After last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, I am more confused than ever as to who the next Bachelor could be. Mike Fleiss, the Bachelor franchise creator, has stated that he will reveal who the next Bachelor is right on his Twitter feed, which directly contradicts After Paradise host, Sean Lowe’s twitter which stated that Sean would announce the next Bachelor on After Paradise tonight Regardless, the show must go on! So here is my rundown of last night’s episode and my predictions for tonight.


Let’s start with Josh & Amanda. How annoying are these two? They are the walking talking example of a textbook manipulation love story. Josh preying on the weaker personality, Amanda. Amanda, who knows her gut is that Josh is bad news, but instead ignores it because he’s good looking and knows how to say the word “disingenuous” about 50 million times. His passive aggressive (and sometimes actually aggressive) behavior is over looked so she can have the fairy tale of paradise. Not to mention, from what I remember of her talking about her ex-husband/baby daddy, Josh sounds exactly the same as him. Silly girl. We know those two will end up broken up after 3 months of marriage or worse, Amanda will become the poster child for domestic violence and emotional abuse.   grant-lace-bachelor-in-paradise-season-3-2016-horizontal  
Next, to Grace (Grant and Lace). I have a soft spot for Lace. She is a total looney tune, but I think she just honestly has been so self-destructing because deep down, she doesn’t feel like she deserves to be with a good guy who treats her right. Who hasn’t been there at some point?! I love how well Grant compliments her and tames her. These two are just so sweet together and I think they actually portray a realistic relationship. Granted, everything in paradise is on a faster timeline, so watching their disagreements and apologies along the way actually makes me believe they are in it for all the right reasons. I really think if they are both willing to put in the work, these two could make it in the long run…provided they address Lace’s drinking problem together. Because that girl seriously always have a cocktail in her hands. Evan and Carly. How friggen cute are these two?! I love how happy Carly looks. She is the one person in the entire Bachelor franchise that deserves to find love the most. Hands down! And Evan…ya, he’s totally nerdy and kinda bizarre, but he’s SO sweet and just seems like a really nice and genuine guy. Kudos to both of them!



Ok…Ashley I. Everyone bashes on Ashley I., but honestly I love her! I think she is just real and unapologetically herself. I mean c’mon, Hanson is her favorite band. Good for her for admitting that! That’s not exactly the choice I’d pick to impress a Nashville DJ, but that’s fine. She is who she is! What I will complain about though is how many times are the Bachelor producers going to set Ashley up to fail? Give the poor girl a break! The bring an awesome guy in to give her a chance away from Jared, and are setting her up to have the exact same thing happen to her again (think Jared going on multiple dates all last season). Now Wells, he’s just honestly awesome. Down to earth, funny, loves dogs. Who wouldn’t want to date him? But Ashley is so awesome!!! Why do they have to bring in these boring girls like Jami to try and get in between her and Wells. Stop trying to dull Ashley’s sparkle!  I really hope Wells is a good guy and gives Ashley a chance.  


I’m pretty sure Jared is going to leave with Caila tomorrow night. And quite frankly, I don’t blame them. That can’t be easy sitting there with Ashley breathing down your neck 24/7. They aren’t going to last though, because Caila is annoying as hell and is super condescending when she speaks to others. My eyes couldn’t roll far enough back in my head when she was asking Ashley 21 questions like she was a child or something. “Do you feel jealous? Does it bother you that I am here? Are you jealous because I have perfect hair?” I'm sorry, but I just don't feel bad for her. The best part of the episode might be when Lace basically told her "Bye Felicia" when she tried to butt into their conversation.

Also, the twins leaving was so sad. I love those two for their comic relief! I’m also sad because that meant Daniel had to leave. He is like the sole reason my husband watches. He’s just a barrel of laughs. His desperate attempts to get a rose from ANYONE last night were just amazing. Giving Izzy a nicer lamp than what Brett brought. I almost died. And the fact that Brett got upset about it was even funnier. Also, the giant plate of fried food he brought for one of the twins (I'm sorry, I just can't tell them apart) would have been plenty enough to get my rose! Now we are stuck with the quiet and boring crew. Snore.

The previews show them bringing the Euro-Trash in (I honestly don’t know her name, but this is what Ashley I. called her). Like seriously, how low can this show get? This girl had about 30 seconds of air time during Ben’s season. I can’t imagine her being that interesting.

Nick and Jen…I don’t know about these two. I’m secretly hoping it doesn’t work and Nick goes home tomorrow and then we find out he’s the next Bachelor. They make a cute and totally normal couple, but Jen is so boring! She’s just so average. Which makes me like her and not like her at the same time. 

As far as the next Bachelor, I think at this point, it can’t be Luke or Chase. That is just too obvious. And I pray it isn’t. Chase, I could deal with. Luke…I seriously wouldn’t watch. That’s just way too much cheesy for me. I really would love for it to be Nick. I wouldn’t even mind if it was Vinny, which has recently been popping up as a want from fans. That would be totally out of the blue if they chose Vinny. They have never picked someone who has been sent home so early in a Bachelorette season. That would be awesome. And I’d love to see his mother again because she is just adorbs.

What are your predictions? I’m always interested to hear everyone else’s theories.

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