August 31, 2016

5 Things I Hate Right Now

  1. New clothes. This might sound like I'm crazy, but yes, I hate new clothes because I ALWAYS ruin them within hours of wearing them. I put on a brandy new dress for work today. Went to have my morning bagel and when I opened the butter packet, it was melted and spilled all over my dress. Grease stains...check!
  2. My Fitbit. I love the idea of a Fitbit. But it never friggen works!!! If I accidentally let the battery drain on mine, anytime I go to charge it back up and put it on, the clock is ALWAYS incorrect. Then it takes me an hour to try and Sync it up again to fix it and it STILL doesn't fix the clock. I've tried going to Fitbit customer support and they just keep making me "Forget the Device" and re-add it. Umm pretty sure your product shouldn't work like that!
  3. My hair. Ugh I hate my hair. Why can't I have Caila from BIP hair? My hair is super thick, awkwardly wavy (like not pretty locks, like bead head waves). And never cooperates with me. It also takes me 30 minutes to blow dry it, so washing it in the morning is not an option. To straighten or curl my hair will also take an additional 20-30 minutes. -_-
  4. Christmas gifts. I tried to get a head start ordering Christmas gifts for my nephew and Cooper when I saw a great deal. Problem is, I have no where to store this crap now. And it will have to stay there another 4 months! What is wrong with me?
  5. Fantasy Sports. My husband has an unhealthy need to be playing some sort of fantasy sport year round. If it isn't baseball, it's hockey. If it isn't hockey, it's football. Fantasy football drafts are going on all week. For all different leagues he's in. Where do we draw the line here? It consumes his life. Tonight is his online draft, which I swear is worse than when he goes to a draft party because he's always  ignoring me when I talk because he's engrossed in fantasy stuff. EYE ROLL SO HARD!

August 30, 2016

BIP Rundown & Bachelor Predictions

After last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, I am more confused than ever as to who the next Bachelor could be. Mike Fleiss, the Bachelor franchise creator, has stated that he will reveal who the next Bachelor is right on his Twitter feed, which directly contradicts After Paradise host, Sean Lowe’s twitter which stated that Sean would announce the next Bachelor on After Paradise tonight Regardless, the show must go on! So here is my rundown of last night’s episode and my predictions for tonight.


Let’s start with Josh & Amanda. How annoying are these two? They are the walking talking example of a textbook manipulation love story. Josh preying on the weaker personality, Amanda. Amanda, who knows her gut is that Josh is bad news, but instead ignores it because he’s good looking and knows how to say the word “disingenuous” about 50 million times. His passive aggressive (and sometimes actually aggressive) behavior is over looked so she can have the fairy tale of paradise. Not to mention, from what I remember of her talking about her ex-husband/baby daddy, Josh sounds exactly the same as him. Silly girl. We know those two will end up broken up after 3 months of marriage or worse, Amanda will become the poster child for domestic violence and emotional abuse.   grant-lace-bachelor-in-paradise-season-3-2016-horizontal  
Next, to Grace (Grant and Lace). I have a soft spot for Lace. She is a total looney tune, but I think she just honestly has been so self-destructing because deep down, she doesn’t feel like she deserves to be with a good guy who treats her right. Who hasn’t been there at some point?! I love how well Grant compliments her and tames her. These two are just so sweet together and I think they actually portray a realistic relationship. Granted, everything in paradise is on a faster timeline, so watching their disagreements and apologies along the way actually makes me believe they are in it for all the right reasons. I really think if they are both willing to put in the work, these two could make it in the long run…provided they address Lace’s drinking problem together. Because that girl seriously always have a cocktail in her hands. Evan and Carly. How friggen cute are these two?! I love how happy Carly looks. She is the one person in the entire Bachelor franchise that deserves to find love the most. Hands down! And Evan…ya, he’s totally nerdy and kinda bizarre, but he’s SO sweet and just seems like a really nice and genuine guy. Kudos to both of them!



Ok…Ashley I. Everyone bashes on Ashley I., but honestly I love her! I think she is just real and unapologetically herself. I mean c’mon, Hanson is her favorite band. Good for her for admitting that! That’s not exactly the choice I’d pick to impress a Nashville DJ, but that’s fine. She is who she is! What I will complain about though is how many times are the Bachelor producers going to set Ashley up to fail? Give the poor girl a break! The bring an awesome guy in to give her a chance away from Jared, and are setting her up to have the exact same thing happen to her again (think Jared going on multiple dates all last season). Now Wells, he’s just honestly awesome. Down to earth, funny, loves dogs. Who wouldn’t want to date him? But Ashley is so awesome!!! Why do they have to bring in these boring girls like Jami to try and get in between her and Wells. Stop trying to dull Ashley’s sparkle!  I really hope Wells is a good guy and gives Ashley a chance.  


I’m pretty sure Jared is going to leave with Caila tomorrow night. And quite frankly, I don’t blame them. That can’t be easy sitting there with Ashley breathing down your neck 24/7. They aren’t going to last though, because Caila is annoying as hell and is super condescending when she speaks to others. My eyes couldn’t roll far enough back in my head when she was asking Ashley 21 questions like she was a child or something. “Do you feel jealous? Does it bother you that I am here? Are you jealous because I have perfect hair?” I'm sorry, but I just don't feel bad for her. The best part of the episode might be when Lace basically told her "Bye Felicia" when she tried to butt into their conversation.

Also, the twins leaving was so sad. I love those two for their comic relief! I’m also sad because that meant Daniel had to leave. He is like the sole reason my husband watches. He’s just a barrel of laughs. His desperate attempts to get a rose from ANYONE last night were just amazing. Giving Izzy a nicer lamp than what Brett brought. I almost died. And the fact that Brett got upset about it was even funnier. Also, the giant plate of fried food he brought for one of the twins (I'm sorry, I just can't tell them apart) would have been plenty enough to get my rose! Now we are stuck with the quiet and boring crew. Snore.

The previews show them bringing the Euro-Trash in (I honestly don’t know her name, but this is what Ashley I. called her). Like seriously, how low can this show get? This girl had about 30 seconds of air time during Ben’s season. I can’t imagine her being that interesting.

Nick and Jen…I don’t know about these two. I’m secretly hoping it doesn’t work and Nick goes home tomorrow and then we find out he’s the next Bachelor. They make a cute and totally normal couple, but Jen is so boring! She’s just so average. Which makes me like her and not like her at the same time. 

As far as the next Bachelor, I think at this point, it can’t be Luke or Chase. That is just too obvious. And I pray it isn’t. Chase, I could deal with. Luke…I seriously wouldn’t watch. That’s just way too much cheesy for me. I really would love for it to be Nick. I wouldn’t even mind if it was Vinny, which has recently been popping up as a want from fans. That would be totally out of the blue if they chose Vinny. They have never picked someone who has been sent home so early in a Bachelorette season. That would be awesome. And I’d love to see his mother again because she is just adorbs.

What are your predictions? I’m always interested to hear everyone else’s theories.

August 29, 2016

Who Will You Be Today?

"How will you shape your today in order to make your future better? What picture do you want to paint as a role model to your children? These things may not matter to you today, but I promise you that the second you become a parent, it is ALL that matters."
Becoming a mother has forced me to question a lot of things in my life and the world around me. It’s caused me to stop, and think “would I want my son to do something like this” before I do anything. Should I have that extra glass of wine? Should I post this on Instagram? Should I tell that woman where to go and how to get there?

For those who aren’t familiar with where I live, my town has been a magnet for tragedy for decades. Countless lives have been lost much too young for various reasons. Recently, we’ve endure two more unfortunate deaths in unrelated circumstances. Now, I didn’t know either of the people who lost their lives. I knew who they were, but that was about the extent of it. Does it make it less sad? No. I still hurt for those families and friends of those who had the privilege of knowing them.

In the last couple days, I watched some online drama unfold. And I listened to how upset it has made my husband, who did know both of these wonderful people before their passing.

Incident #1: A young woman decided to take to Facebook to express her love and sadness for the passing of a woman who she went to school with. The girl was tragically hit by a charter bus in Providence last week and lost her life. It was by no fault of her own, she was in a crosswalk and the bus driver was likely just not paying attention. The woman received many sympathies and comments from others sharing similar feelings…except one. An internet troll who decided to make a joke of the situation. She (or he…I’m honestly not sure who was behind that keyboard) decided to make a “joke” that the poster was only sorry because she “probably pushed her [in front of the bus]”. Anyone who is not from a small town may not understand this, but when someone attacks one of our own, it doesn’t matter if you like the person or not, or even know the person…you have their back. So naturally, this turned into a huge back and forth between the troll and those who couldn’t make sense of how someone could say something so cruel.

Incident #2: My husband came home from work last night to tell me about another classmate of his who passed away of brain cancer. He told me about what a great kid he was growing up and that he’d been battling this disease for a handful of years now. I watched Tim then get visibly upset as he told me that there were some people around town saying “Who cares? He was a jerk anyway.” Tim then explained to me that yes, over the recent years there were a couple incidents with this young man that could have led others to believe this…but he had BRAIN cancer! BRAIN! As in these incidents were out of character and very possibly caused by the cruel disease he had. But regardless, who says that?!

It made me think hard. And the young woman who posted to Facebook, followed up with the exact sentiment I was feeling. She posed an important question. How does it feel to know your parents could see that you wrote that? Or worse, the deceased parents and family? How can you say those things knowing your future children could see that you wrote something like that? We think that behind a screen we are all invincible. And simply deleting a comment can solve the problem. What we let out into the internet world is FOREVER. I think back to all those moments I’ve posted things that are less than desirable. I pray my son never sees those things about me. All the f-bombs, the sultry song lyrics that I thought at the time were fun and playful. Ugh! What was I thinking!? 

Luckily, I am an adult now. And I seriously question every decision I make on whether it is something I want Cooper to see. Would he be embarrassed of my actions? How would I feel if he did something like this? Would it make me disappointed? I really hope the families of the deceased never have to read those awful things people have said. Or even this post. Part of me feels guilty for even giving any attention to those situations but really, it needs to be said. I really hope the people who said these awful things feel shame and really question themselves. Because what you do will not be just a reflection of your past. It will be a reflection of your past, your present and your future. There are consequences for every action and you live with the choices you make in the moment. How will you handle it? How will you shape your today in order to make your future better? What picture do you want to paint as a role model to your children? These things may not matter to you today, but I promise you that the second you become a parent, it is ALL that matters.

August 26, 2016

Small Insta-Round Up



Dress by LUSH Clothing. HERE. (similar here.) | Headwrap by BP. HERE.



Planner by MAMBI The Happy Planner “Best Year Ever” Box Kits. HERE.


Magazine Rack by Sugar Paper LA for Target. HERE. | Mug by Papyrus. HERE.


Jeans by Liverpool. (from my Stitch Fix box) | Shoes by Sam Edelman. HERE. Or HERE.


Sweater by BP. HERE  or HERE| Crossbody Bag by BP. HERE | Jeans by American Eagle Outfitters. Older but similar here & here. | Slouchy tee by Old Navy. HERE. | Booties by Fergalicious (older but same in black HERE.) | Necklace by  (Etsy). HERE.


August 24, 2016

#TheNewSchabos2016 : Our Wedding Album

I would tell you that my wedding day was the greatest day of my life, but that simply wouldn’t be true. After giving birth to my son, there is just nothing that compares to that type of joy. However, I will tell you all about how great of a time we had! I am so thankful we downsized our wedding and opted for a big, fun party. And the amount of money we saved was impressive.  I just got our wedding photos back from the amazing Corinne Mattera of CCM Productions. Corinne is a friend of mine (as well as a wonderful wedding guest) who I asked to capture our big day for us. CCM is her side business, and I’m so glad it is because her photos are SO good! You can check her website out HERE, and follow her on Instagram HERE.   

The ceremony.

I love how fun and colorful our ceremony was. I’m quite aware of how tacky my fiesta theme was, and that is the whole point. Weddings are taken so seriously (and with good reason). I really wanted ours just to be a good time.
I was fortunate enough for one of our friends to capture almost our entire ceremony on video. That was a really nice surprise when he sent it to us. Since we were already married, we ended up having one of Tim’s best friends perform our ceremony. This was something he’s never done before, so I think he was a little nervous. I basically printed a script I found on the internet and said “here, read this.” He absolutely KILLED IT! Not only did he improvise a little and make it his own, which was hilarious, but he memorized the entire thing! Professional officiants don’t even do that! It was so special and such a great thing for us to share. I highly recommend having someone that you know marry you. It makes the day that much more special. You can watch my ceremony HERE if you’re interested. Sorry for the poor video quality!

     I walked down the aisle to “Mary’s Song” by Taylor Swift. I had always imagined myself walking to this song, so being able to finally do it was awesome. I have to say though, the dramatic moment of me walking down the aisle is a total blur to me because of how nervous I was. I don’t like being put on the spot and hate being the center of attention, so I don’t even remember this moment much.
The first dance and speeches.

I really wanted to hold out in my bridal gown until after our first dance, but it was just WAY too hot out. I ended up changing into my Stone Cold Fox Love Jumper after our photos since we had about a 20 minute rain delay before we could continue onto the intros. We did our entrance to “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake which was so fun. My bridal party was such a good time and even dressed up in the sombreros and ponchos I had brought.
We did our first dance to “It All Started With A Beer” by Frankie Ballard which was just so perfect for Tim and I. After our dance, we went immediately into speeches so we could get all the formal stuff done and get the food going.

My maid of honor’s speech was amazing! I’m working to get a copy of both of their speeches and I’ll add it in here once I do. I did my best not to cry but obviously failed miserably. Our best man, Tim’s brother wasn’t big on speeches, so Tim had his best friend do the speech instead. He was awesome. Absolutely hilarious. Honestly, we couldn’t have asked for two better speeches. I’m planning to frame them both once they send me a soft copy and put them in our wedding album once we get it. 

The party.

It worked out exactly how I hoped it would. The DJ played some jams and a small group of us let loose on the dance floor, some people hung out in the bar to catch the Red Sox game that was on, another group played corn hole and horse shoes over on the lawn. It was relaxing, fun and I’d like to think everyone pretty much enjoyed themselves.
I swear, I barely saw Tim the entire night. Hosting a wedding is HARD. You seriously just don’t have time to really spend with every one of your guests, which kind of stinks.  

Lessons learned.

I had a really good time, and I’m super happy that we downsized the wedding. If I had to do it again, I think I’d definitely hire a wedding coordinator/planner. It was really hard balancing everything I needed to do for the wedding, work and the baby. I thought I was going to have no hair by my wedding day. I probably should have gone to get my hair curled by a professional. I figured since I was just leaving it down and curling it, that I’d just do it myself but it didn’t really stay put. Luckily, the rain pretty much ruined it anyway so I didn’t miss out on much. I probably wouldn’t do open bar again. I think this depends on the crowd. Our friends are big drinkers and I think a select few took advantage of that a little bit and got a little too intoxicated. I am not their mothers, so it’s not for me to say how many someone should have but we did have a couple people get cut off by the bartender which is totally embarrassing and I’m still a little upset about. The most important lesson I learned was I really need to chill out. When it started pouring and the appetizers weren’t where I wanted them to be to direct traffic, and we had to put off our intros and first dance… I panicked. I had a total bridezilla moment for about three minutes before I just said screw it and grabbed a drink. No one even really noticed anything was wrong.

Thank you to everyone who made our wedding the amazing day that it was. I’m honestly the luckiest girl there is.

My Interview w/ Eclectic Ellen

Inspirational Wednesdays are all about giving you that motivation to get over the hump. Today’s interview is with Erin, from Top Knots and Sweatpants. I’m super excited to share this interview with you, and you can check out Erin’s blog here. What made you want to start blogging? I’ve tried to start meaningful…
via Inspirational Interviews: — Eclectic Ellen

August 23, 2016

Is it Ever OK to Be Friends With Your Exes?

 I am having serious writer’s block today, so today’s post will just be a random stream of consciousness (and maybe some unconsciousness…I’m really tired.)

For some reason, I can’t get a conversation Tim and I had last night out of my head.

We got on the conversation on if it’s appropriate to be friendly with an ex, especially once you are married. I come from the school of thought that it’s not right. And that doesn’t come from jealousy, but it comes from the fact that it’s very rare that both parties will have zero romantic feelings leftover, even nostalgic feelings, for each other and therefore it’s not appropriate to be friends with them. Cordial, absolutely! You don’t need to be an asshole. But like texting every now and then, or having a 20 minute conversation together if you run into each other…no.  Not cool. You’re not only possibly leading the other person on, but you are also making me look like a fool in the process, even if it’s unintentional and harmless.

My husband is very different. He doesn’t really think much of his exes. He doesn’t seem to have any type of emotional ties to them so he feels it is fine to casually text them if you see something that reminds you of them, or to be casual friends. The problem we’ve encountered with this, and I’ve told him before, not all of his exes are coming into their “friendship” with the same intentions. And some of them, I’m sure it’s just out of an old habit. But regardless, anyone who disrespects me and our relationship, our marriage is not someone I want my husband associating with, even on a casual level. If you see them out somewhere, a simple “Hey! How are you? Good to see you,” will suffice. There is no need to go any further than that.

I am not crazy. And I’m not jealous. I’ve just been in relationships where I’ve tried to be friends with exes and even when my intentions were pure, a lot of times the other person’s feelings may not be and it causes issues with your current relationship. I’ve even been on the opposite side of the situation. I just think exes should stay where they belong, in the past. You can be happy for them and want what’s best for them and still not have to be friends with them.

Maybe it has to do with how differently men and women process break ups. Many guys can just turn it off like a switch, but I think women tend to hang on to those emotions and pain much longer. I won’t deny that there was never love between myself and some of my exes because there was. That certainly does NOT mean there is now. I love my husband very much and only have eyes for him. My husband takes the approach of denying there was ever any love between him and his exes. Maybe it’s just hindsight. I’m interested to hear other people’s opinions on this...

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!

Something about this cooler weather today is really getting me super excited for fall. It made me want to put together a small collection of my favorite things from Pinterest that I love about fall. 

Here’s some Pinspiration for you…

Walking on the beach in a cozy sweater and jeans
Something about cold sand between your toes that just feels so good. The smell of the fall breeze is heaven.

Cozy fall outfits and duck boots
I love duck boots. They are soft, warm and they look cute with a pair of jeans…sue me!

Admiring fall foliage with a coffee on the front porch
My entire life goal has been to have a cute little family and to live comfortably in a pair of sweats and an oversized sweatshirt or plaid with my cozy coffee in hand as I admire the trees and my neighborhood with my son and husband.

Cuddling up with a chunky knit blanket
My mom actually knit this blanket for me, so it’s extra special to me. I love finally sitting down on the couch with a glass of wine or a hard cider after a long day to catch up on blog reading or cuddle with Tim while we watch a show.

Plaid, plaid and more plaid
I seriously live in plaid. If it wasn’t so hot in the summer, I’d wear it all summer too. Something about it is so comforting.

Pumpkin beer with a cinnamon sugar rim
I look forward to this every year. I was craving it SO badly last year but I was pregnant so I had to miss out. This year I’ll probably have to over load on it.

Arts festivals
This is one of my favorite fall traditions. Every year, my area has a few good small town arts festivals for local artists and small businesses to sell goods. I love going to pick up unique items for our house or just walking around to grab some comfort food. It’s a lot of families, so I can’t wait to bring Cooper this year. This photo is from Scituate Arts Festival in Rhode Island, which is one of my favorites every year.

August 22, 2016

11 Ways to Slay Your Monday

Step 1: Wake up 15 minutes earlier This is an easy one for my. Cooper has a knack for waking up 20 minutes before my alarm anyway. But taking a few extra minutes in the morning can seriously relax you. When you aren’t stressed for time and rushing around, you are less likely to forget something which will help alleviate the bad day snowball effect.

Step 2: Wear an outfit that makes you feel good I tend to pick out my outfits the night before just to save time, but start your Monday wearing your favorite outfit. Put something on that makes you feel great about the way you look. This one is tough since I’m limited to “Business Casual” clothing. But for me, I always feel great in the Barcelona Cami from Express. It is seriously flattering on everyone, it hides my mom pooch well, looks professional but still trendy. My favorite thing about these camis is they are reversible, so I have two options for every one cami I buy.


Step 3: Get your favorite coffee While I love Starbucks, I’m definitely a Dunkin Donuts girl. I went straight to my local Dunkin and grabbed a pumpkin flavored coffee that just came back out early at their store. Yay, Fall!

Step 4: Listen to upbeat music Nothing makes me feel more ready to take on a Monday than fun music on the car ride to work. I am totally that chick you look over at a stop light who is completely belting out a tune (off-key, ofcourse) and dancing in my car. My three favorites are…
  • 80’s Mercedes by Maren Morris
  • Clint Eastwood by Jessie James Decker
  • Church Bells by Carrie Underwood

Step 5: Start day with a brief To Do list Mondays are a day to ease back into work. I never make my To-Do list too heavy on a Monday, because honestly…most of it will become Tuesday’s to-dos. Also, keeping a shorter list helps me not to stress out and just tackle one item at a time. I also like to peek through my planner for the week and see what we have going on (in my new MAMBI Happy Planner)!

Step 6: Grab a delicious lunch Most people treat themselves on Fridays for lunch. I treat myself on Mondays. It just makes me feel better about being at work.

Step 7: Catch up on local news during lunch I like taking some time to catch up on what I missed over the weekend. I’m super disconnected on the weekends since I’m usually just hanging out with Cooper all day. Other than Netflix and Disney Jr. Channel, I don’t get to watch the news at all on my weekends.


Step 8: Grab another coffee The afternoon pick-me-up coffee is CRUCIAL on a Monday! It’ll help power you through Part 2.


Step 9: Cook something super-fast and delicious Don’t go crazy on a Monday. Nobody is feeling this day of the week, anyway. And let’s be honest…you don’t want to cook dinner. Mondays tend to be a crock pot dish or take out. Tonight, we are having Swedish meatballs.

Step 10: Watch your favorite TV show Um…Bachelor in Paradise is tonight. Yes. Also, they may be announcing the next Bachelor tonight or tomorrow on the “After Paradise” talk show.

Step 11: Make your husband rub your back Because he’s been saying all weekend he will “give you a good back rub tomorrow.” It’s tomorrow. Yes!

August 18, 2016

Mom Meals: Quick Week Night Dinners

If you’re anything like me, cooking dinner during the work week is a dreadful experience. The last thing I want to do or have time for when I get home is to put together a meal for just Tim and I. I’ve been cursed with having a mother-in-law who worked in a kitchen for many years, so Tim has grown up used to creative, delicious home cooked meals. For me, cooking is a chore. Eating…one of my favorite things. But I much prefer someone else to do my cooking. Over the last year, I’ve been able to throw together a few easy and delicious meals that are a fail-safe for cooking during the week. And I’m going to share them with you today. Lucky you…  

Shopping staples.
Okay, the most important and convenient thing you can do is stock up on kitchen staples when you grocery shop. I am a big fan of stocking up on meats and frozen veggies. I always buy the value packs of chicken breast and ground hamburger, and then break them up into individual meal sizes in Ziploc bags as soon as I get home. Then I freeze them until we need them. Frozen veggies are an easy side to use with any meal, and are usually on sale! I love getting the kind in the steaming bags so I don’t have to use anymore pots or pans. Also, some places sell brown rice in the same kind of steaming bags so I love grabbing those to use as our starch with dinner. Having a lot of frozen things takes up room. Luckily, Lowe’s & Home Depot usually sell a small chest freezer for about $150 that you can use for your frozen food stock pile. I’m going to pick ours up this weekend because between that and the baby food, our freezer is packed tight. Make sure you have every common spice you can think of. The staples are definitely salt, pepper, garlic powder, minced onion, olive oil and some balsamic or red wine vinegar. These items can save pretty much any food you have. Stock up on pastas and jarred sauces, both red & alfredo. I love keeping Knorr Pesto sauce mixes on hand, too. These are so delicious and take 5 minutes to make.

Swedish meatballs.

What you need:
  • Frozen bag of Swedish meatballs (I cheat and get the Italian style if they don’t have Swedish. They taste just as good.)
  • Cream of Mushroom Soup
  • Nutmeg
  • Large Crock-Pot
Here's what you do:
  • Throw your frozen meatballs into the slow cooker.
  • Mix in cream of mushroom soup until all the meatballs are covered. We like to throw in a little extra so they are really saucey.
  • Sprinkle a hint of nutmeg and mix. Not too much!
  • Cook on high for 2-2.5 hours. Done!
This is an easy one to do on a busy night because it take a couple minutes to prep and that’s it. Throw in one of your steamed veggies before you’re ready to eat and Voila!

Ranch cheesy bacon chicken.

What you need:
  • Chicken breast
  • 1 Ranch dip mix packet
  • Shredded mozzarella cheese
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Oscar Meyer Bac-O Bits (Hormel also makes a version. Make sure they are the real bacon bits).
  • Glass casserole dish
Here's what you do:
  • Preheat oven to 420 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Salt and pepper both sides of chicken.
  • Sprinkle ranch dip mix on both sides of chicken
  • Place chicken in casserole dish and put in over for 20 minutes.
  • Take out of over, sprinkle a semi-thick coat of shredded cheese and a thick coat of bacon bits on top.
  • Place back in oven for 5 more minutes.
Enjoy the cheesy bacon goodness! You may want to adjust your cooking time based on how thick your chicken breasts are. Always cut into them to make sure they are cooked enough.

Baked Pesto Cod & Scallops.

What you need:
  • 2 – 1 lb Cod Fillets
  • 1 lb Bay Scallops (cooked shrimp would be good too!)
  • Olive Oil
  • Minced Garlic (I used the kind in olive oil in the jar. Much faster!)
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Old Bay seasoning
  • Knorr Pesto Sauce mix
  • Water
  • Aluminum foil
Here's what you do:
  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Rip two sheets of foil large enough to fold around your cod fillets like a pouch.
  • Season cod with salt and pepper and a little Old Bay
  • Brush on olive oil and garlic to preference.
  • Wrap each fillet in a sheet of foil loosely and roll open ends closed.
  • Place foil pouches onto a baking sheet, and put in oven for 20 minutes.
  • Using a small saucepan, cook pesto sauce mix per directions on back of the packet. Should only take you about 5 minutes.
  • Throw bay scallops into a large frying pan.
  • Season with a little salt and pepper, and Old Bay
  • Cook scallops about 4-5 minutes and then set aside.
  • Once cod is cooked, pour scallops on top and drizzle pesto sauce over all.

This is a healthier option for dinner, and it’s SO delicious. I always use olive oil over butter wherever possible. If you are cooking shrimp instead of scallops, I’d allow for some extra time to cook as most cooked shrimp are frozen prior. Make sure to stock up on seafood items when they are on sale! Sometimes you can get some really great deals. Throw them in a freezer and they will be good to go whenever you need it.  

I have a few more tricks up my sleeve, but I’ll save those for later. Try a couple of these out and tell me how you like them!


August 17, 2016

Bachelor in Paradise 3: Hilarity!


Every article I've come across today on the recap of this week's Bachelor in Paradise talks about Ashley I.'s obsession over Jared Haibon and how she can't move on.

But what I want to talk about today is the real star who is sorely under appreciated, Daniel Maguire. For those who aren't familiar with Daniel, his occupation title for Bachelor nation is "Candadian", but really he is a fitness model out of Vancouver. Many who do remember him, are reminded of his time as on JoJo Fletcher's recent season of The Bachelorette. He was the Night 1 idiot who stripped down to his underwear after drinking a little too much. He also befriended super villain, Chad and is famous for his controversial advice that Chad should stop acting like Hitler so much and maybe be more like Mussolini.

Most viewers probably see Daniel as a total idiot, but honestly he has been, hands-down, me and my husband's FAVORITE person on the Bachelor franchise. He is HILARIOUS!!! But only for the right type of humor. Daniel has a very dry sense of humor and is the king of keeping a straight face. So when last night, out of desperation to get her mind off of Jared - Ashley I. asked Daniel for her one-on-one date. And that is where it got amazing! These two are so funny together! I really wish they were a couple who had a YouTube channel.

You have to watch this below. We were in tears laughing.

Also, who else laughed when Ashley I. was edited to look like she was talking to a parrot...and she even referenced the raccoon Clare had allegedly been complaining to in former BIP seasons (unfortunately the only clip I found didn't have her mentioning it). Honestly, the Bachelor in Paradise producers are geniuses.

August 16, 2016

Sailed Away to Block Island

So my highly anticipated trip on Block Island last Wednesday was of course rained out. But we still went and enjoyed our time. I was able to take a bunch of photos from our last day and our trip back to the mainland.

Our hotel, Hotel Manisses, was absolutely gorgeous! The rooms were a bit small but everything was so beautiful, clean and the attention to detail was impeccable. I was a little irked to find out the amazing coffee they boasted about was only served in the afternoons, but that was nothing Rebecca's Take Out from around the corner of the hotel couldn't take care of for my morning caffeine fix.
There is something about visiting Block Island that makes me love living in Rhode Island. The beauty of the ocean, the land and the smell of the air just makes my heart full. I won't lie though, I was super excited to come home and see Cooper. We have never been that far away from him for a night before, so this was really tough for Tim & I.

I hope you enjoy oogling over the beautiful beach sights! I know I did!




We found this super cool path while we were hunting for glass orbs. These steps used to be home to an old hotel that was torn down years ago.


We had dinner at this AMAZING restaurant, The Beachhead. They do Buck-a-Shuck oysters every Monday-Friday from 3-4pm. The food was incredible! It was the first time I've never regretted getting steak instead of seafood on Block Island. So good!



Enjoying my Rebecca's Take Out coffee with the ocean breeze going through my sloppy mop of hair. :)



How cute is hubs? Always has to have the beer.